Ananias Yalak was a fugitive for 2019 crimes for his involvement in West Papua Uprising where he was involved in setting fire to an ATM facility belonged to BRI Bank in Dekai Yahukimo on 30th November 2019. He is also linked with killing of Hendry Jovinsky, a polling staff using fire arms on 11th August 2020 and the killing of Muhammad Toyib, a civilian on 30th August 2020. Yalak and five others were arrested by Satgas Nemangkawi and members of Yahukimo Police Resort on 2nd September 2021.Yalak himself is an active member of TNI. Police confirmed that he will be charged with Article 1 Paragraph (1) of Emergency Law No. 12 /1951 Jo Article 55 Criminal Code. Article 187 Criminal Code and Article 338 Criminal Code. “The maximum penalty is death or life imprisonment, or a temporary prison sentence of a maximum of twenty years”.