On 24 May 2014, Ferdinandus Blagaize and Selestinus Blagaize, two activists of the West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat, KNPB) from Okaba district in Merauke regency were arrested by Okaba District police. Local activists report that the two activists were arrested for possessing a referendum-related document and books on Papuan history that were intended for a socialisation event in their home village of Okaba. The two men were detained in Okaba District police station.

Information received in January 2015 from Jayapura-based activists indicate that the two men have since been released.


Information received by local Jayapura activists, January 2015

KNPBNews, “Kedua Aktifis KNPB Sektor Payum ditangkap oleh anggota Polsek Okaba,” 24 May 2014, http://knpbnews.com/?p=4123

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