Human rights organization Pusaka reported that on 15 May 2015, two men were detained for their involvement in a demonstration against palm oil plantation company PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM). Obed Korie and Odie Aitago were arrested alongside several other demonstrators who were eventually released. The demonstrators, consisting of students and community members from the Iwaro tribe in South Sorong Regency, blocked PPM offices in protest against land grabbing, illegal logging and unfair compensation, amongst other concerns, by PT PPM.

Korie and Aitago were charged with violence towards persons or property under Article 170 of the Indonesian Criminal Code. On 14 July, they attended their first court hearing.

On 25 August, Obed Korie was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment while Odie Aitago to seven months. Prosecutor Katrina Dimara previously demanded a prison sentence of one year for Obed Korie and eight months for Odi Aitago. Aitago is believed to have been released on 15 December 2015.


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Updated: 25 January 2016