The police in Jayapura arrested Kornelius Akyewi, Pilipus Wamawiso, Welem Weraso, Yosias Walianggen, Abiram Inam, Ismael Bairi, Lazarus Bua Kimiak, Maksi Sewanso, Markus Yappun, Maleaki Bairi, Rendi Taniau, Hanok Bilisa, Yohan Bay, Stevanus Jarona, Nikodus Wamansio, Josep Tare, Soni Genjau, La Jemmy Mansowai, and Aser Sewanso on  the 30th November 2019 for planning to attend the Morning Star Flag Raising ceremony on the 1st of December. They were all charged and detained for treason under articles 106 and 87, and Article 110 and 88 of the Criminal Code. All are currently remained in prison, waiting for their trial process.