Mr Aifat is a tailor and West Papuan independence activist. He was arrested along with Silvester Nauw, Paulus Syama, Melfin Werfete, Lukas Smas, Lukas Nauw, Joshua Kingho, Fengky Nauw, Daniel Jitmau, Wilson Kofias and Yanpiter Yewen. They were arrested by the police in Sorong on 26 November 2019 for allegedly preparing to participate in the 1st of December Morning Star Flag Raising ceremony. The police did not provide warrant for their arrest when it happened. They were subsequently charged and detained for treason. All are currently in prison, waiting for their trial process to begin. were sentenced to 10 months in prison for conspiracy to commit crimes agains the state under Article 110 of the Criminal Code and has since been released.

At the time of his arrest, Mr Aifat and ten other individuals were in the process of informing locals about plans to protest at the Sorong Mayor’s Office the following day. They were travelling in a pick up truck. The group was carrying a hat and T-shirt bearing the Morning Star symbol, in addition to a banner. During the arrest, the police confiscated the group’s banner, in addition to the pickup-truck. The planned protest was to commemorate the proclamation of independence of the West Papua New Guinea Republic.