Tandius (or Tandi) Kogoya is a freedom fighter of the West Papua Liberation Army (TPNPB). He was arrested in Topo, Margajaya Village, Uwapa District, Nabire Regency, after being listed along with 20 other people on a police wanted list. This arrest was connection to a 14 November 2017 attack in the Freeport concession area. According to him, he was taken inside a car with dark glass windows and driven around for some time before being detained in Kuala Kencana police station in Timika.

Police failed to show arrest and detention letters to Kogoya during the arrest as required by the law, nor was his family notified. Kogoya was held in a small, isolated room with poor air circulation. He was not allowed visitation, including from his visiting family, except his lawyer. 

He was tried and convicted for possession of arms and ammunition, and sentenced to one year and seven months imprisonment which he is currently serving in the Timika Penitentiary.