Deiyai – 14 Political Prisoners

Nine people were prosecuted while five others were charged in relation to the incident in Deiyai on 28 August 2019. They were all arrested while still being treated at the hospital from gunshot wounds inflicted by the security forces. The cases were tried at the District Court in Nabire. Those prosecuted were released after having served their full sentences.

The Deiyai political prisoners were part of a total of 135 political prisoners charged with non-treason charges. A hundred of them were prosecuted; 29 were charged, charges which remain; while six people have been put on the police’s wanted list. West Papuans refer to the people below as ‘anti-racist political prisoners’. Some of them did commit the acts when expressing their political views, while many others were subjected to torture to force them to confess to acts that they did not commit. All have been released except six people in Wamena.