Indonesian flag at PNG border Bendera Indonesia perbatasan dengan PNG

On 28 February 2013, Boas Gombo was arrested for allegedly lowering an Indonesian flag and shouting protests to police immigration officials at the border to Papua New Guinea. He had reportedly been severely beaten by an Indonesian police official the previous day, seemingly for no reason. He was severely beaten with rattan sticks, metal beams and rifle butts during his detention in Muara Tami district police station. On 1 March, during his interrogation at the Jayapura Regency Police Station he was denied visits from his family, access to legal counsel and medical attention, even though he was in a deteriorating condition following the ill-treatment he suffered in detention. On 8 April, his case was transferred to the Public Prosecutor and he was moved to Abepura prison where he is currently detained.

Local human rights sources report that his trial has already begun and that three hearings have already taken place. Human rights lawyers have reported that they have requested for Gombo to be accompanied by legal counsel, but that the trial had reportedly gone ahead nonetheless. He is facing charges of Article 24 and 66 of Law 24/2009 on the Flag, Language, Symbols of the State and the National Anthem. Maaf, versi bahasa Indonesia belum disediakan.