On 22 August, at around 23:00, Abner Bastian Wanma, the Head of Sanggar Budaya SARAK-Sorong, a Papuan cultural group, was arrested in Waisai, Raja Ampat by 11 fully armed plainclothes officers from a joint task force composed of the Papuan National Police (Polisi Daerah Papua, Polda Papua) and Raja Ampat Regional police investigators (Reserse Polres Raja Ampat). Papuan human rights advocacy group the Institute of Research, Analysis and Development for Legal Aid (Lembaga Penelitian, Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Bantuan Hukum, LP3BH) has issued a statement protesting the unprocedural manner of his arrest and calling for his unconditional release. Wanma was released the following day.



Majalah Selangkah, 24 August 2014, “H-1 Sail Raja Ampat Polisi Tangkap Ketua Sanggar Budaya SARAK-Sorong, LP3BH Protes,” http://majalahselangkah.com/content/-h-1-sail-raja-ampat-polisi-tangkap-ketua-sanggar-budaya-sarak-sorong-lp3bh-protes

LP3BH statement, 24 August, “LP3BH protests the arrest of a Papuan a cultural activist.”

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