Mr Herietrenggi is a farmer. At the time of his arrest, he and 22 other individuals were walking from their villages to Fakfak City to participate in the commemoration of West Papua’s national day. He was arrested by Fakfak Police Resort without a warrant.

He is 56 years old in 2020.

Mr. Herietrenggi was arrested with Abdon Tigtigweria, Alfaris Herietrenggi, Bernadus Herietrenggi, Efernandus Wahab, Zet Alfin Patiran, Eli Tigtigweria, Enggel Tigtigweria, Erick Tigtigweria, Etus Bahba, Hendrik Herietrenggi, Hermus Martinus Lumatalale, Heret Patiran, Herman Bahba, Kaleb Hegemur, Korneles Tigtigweria, Leonard Tigtigweria, Nelson Hegemur, Petrus Temongmere, Rizak Heremba, Soleman Herietrenggi, Yance Hegemur and Yesnel Bahba. They were surrounded by security forces, who proceeded to chase, shoot at, and arrest them. All were charged with treason for planning to attend a West Papuan Morning Star flag-raising ceremony and were detained in Fakfak prison. Their trial started in October 2020 with the verdicts were read out on 26th October 2020. Elieser Herietrenggi was sentenced to 2 years in prison.